Byteria Heroes
The Mother of All Games

This platformer takes place in the computer game world of Byteria. A long time ago, the Cervisian Empire ruled over large parts of the continent of Glashelm, but eventually collapsed. Now self-appointed Emperor Dicius I. has begun a massive campaign to reconquer the former provinces. When he suddenly disappears, a screwball villain known as Scrapper takes his place. Scrapper claims to be destined to conquer the world despite being completely incompetent, though he manages to suck two teenagers from Earth into the game. Marina and David subsequently meet Marty, who is not only the son of Talluna's head of government but also possibly the great hero prophesied by the Ancients …

The Mother of All Games consists of 32 levels of varying size in which you must avoid numerous enemies and traps and activate switches in order to reach the door to the next stage. The three playable heroes (each with slightly different characteristics) can fight their adversaries with a superball and collect pieces of armor and other special items which you can use to instantly switch characters or become invincible. Pick up coins to earn extra lives.

There are several difficulty settings; the automatic save feature allows you to start the game at any world already reached before, but it is also possible to suspend a game in progress. The game can be played using the keyboard or a joystick and comes with a tutorial and detailed instructions, as well as a high score table. The story is told in entertaining cutscenes, but you can also disable them if you wish.

Author: Michael Hoffmann




Download Byteria Heroes: The Mother of All Games 1.5 (2.37 MB, 2011-03-30)

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