Odyssey of Col. Ranseier

More trouble in space: The Empire of Xolphur has declared war on the Confederation. The problem is that all of the military forces are already busy conquering the Lula system. So the Super Intelligence Agency sends out Col. Ranseier to get the Vaxsyth Buster and destroy Xolphurian leader Colplath. And that means some things will certainly go wrong.

Odyssey of Col. Ranseier is an action game. It's difficult to define it more exactly, as the sub-genres alternate with each act. At times the Col. beats his way in classic platform style, later he finds himself in a space shooter and so on. Fortunately there is a password feature allowing you to start at any chapter.

Author: Michael Hoffmann; original version by Michael Topp




Download Odyssey of Col. Ranseier 3.01 (2.96 MB, 2003-02-01)


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Gamez World: Rated 8/10
Share Tool: Rated 5/5
It's Free 4 U Com: Rated 4/5

Rated 5/5 by File Hungry Rated 4/5 by Freewareweb
Rated 4/5 by Sofotex Rated 4/5 by File Transit Rated 5/5 by Completely FREE Software Rated 4/5 by Softpicks
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