Welcome! On this website you can find several computer games made by us. Currently all programs are freeware, i. e. completely free of charge, and run under Windows Vista and higher. Have fun!


Byteria Saga: Heroine Iysayana 1.8 Byteria Saga: Heroine Iysayana 1.8: Role-playing game with a reluctant protagonist
Aristrox Gold 2.7 Aristrox Gold 2.7 and Aristrox 1.6: Break those blocks
Byteria Heroes: Marty Saves Christmas 2.2 Byteria Heroes: Marty Saves Christmas 2.2: Christmas platforming
Byteria Heroes: Crimson Gem of Order 5.5b Byteria Heroes: Crimson Gem of Order 5.5b: Of heroes, villains and energy rocks
Scynse-Man 2 2.3 Scynse-Man 2 2.3: The classic arcade game strikes back
Byteria Heroes: Far Wars 5.5 Byteria Heroes: Far Wars 5.5: Misadventures in Dimension Y
Byteria Heroes: The Mother of All Games 1.5 Byteria Heroes: The Mother of All Games 1.5: The platform series begins



2023-12-21 About time I did something Christmas-themed again, wasn't it? Here we go: Santa Saves Ralph technically an adventure game, but very short (as per the rules of the game jam, and it's not like I had any more time) and easy (just don't overlook anything). And one of these days I'm gonna get around to finish all those betas

2023-03-31 Participated in another game jam, which limited me to specific stock assets but had a relatively generous time limit. So I made a relatively short yet full-fledged JRPG (still unfinished in places, but nothing important's missing): Harold & Friends: When Calls Ai (228 MiB) employs generic game mechanics to tell an off-the-wall story with my usual brand of humor.

2021-01-12 Another quick browser game well, more like a short story with bits of interactivity made to showcase a new character. Actually, I come up with characters and stories all the time, but this new misadventurer felt particularly fun, given what a weirdness magnet she is. I felt I should depict a "normal" adventure of hers (folks interested in a backstory can find it here), so I had her star in a random spoof of classical mythology. It's not intended to be part of any existing continuity, by the way. So, here we go: Clash Ruby and the Curse of Medusa

2020-06-25 Turns out the original release of Byteria Quest: Thosaport did have a possibly fatal bug after all, so I made a new version to fix it, with various other minor improvements as well; it should remain compatible with existing savegames. And yes, I'm going to make it as long as originally intended eventually.

2020-04-30 Whew again. Here's the next game already: Byteria Quest: Thosaport (27.6 MiB), an adventure game made in response to another challenge to make something within a month or so. Shorter than originally planned, with some insignificant bugs, but technically a complete game.

2020-03-22 Whew. It's finally here: Byteria Saga: King's Son Wants a Wife. Or at least a beta version (11.2 MiB), with less polish and testing than intended, but the crucial thing was to upload at least something, before I possibly fall victim to Corona/CORVID/COVID/whatever. (I did tell you it's just a gaiden game, right?)

2020-02-25 Here's another little browser game: Ball Grief MV. It's a minigame this time, or something that could serve as a minigame somewhere. And yes, that new RPG is almost complete. Even more so than last year.

2019-08-27 Here's a little browser game. Well, more like an interactive story with easy RPG-style battles, I call it Byteria Shorts: The Coming of Morgause!. All that's required is a modern browser, no plug-in or anything, which should make it the first ever Skullbyte release not expecting DOS or Windows. It's also the first Byteria game with a villain protagonist; surprisingly, it's neither Scrapper nor Caryneth. Some of the new characters will appear in an upcoming game called Byteria Saga: King's Son Wants a Wife. No, I'm not telling you their roles. By the way, COM's aesthetics and such do not represent those of KSWW. The latter will be much larger, too, of course. In fact, I put quite a few sidequests in. If I hadn't, it would certainly be long completed by now.

2016-03-14 I hoped to finally finish a new Byteria Saga or Byteria Heroes this year. But now I give you something smaller. Responding to a challenge to program a game in a few weeks, I've developed a little, somewhat minimalist dungeon crawler (an RPG in the broader sense). I focused on replayability – each game is quite short, but the dungeon levels are randomly generated and there are several difficulty levels and several (okay, two) completely distinct dungeons with distinct protagonists (Marty and Caishee). Here it is: Byteria Dungeon: Tiny Bold Adventures (16.5 MiB. Quite large for such a small game, but you did insist on a higher color depth. You didn't? Oops). Unfortunately I didn't have the time to completely polish the engine and add a high-score feature and more dungeons and heroes. Oh well, I can expand the game over time.