Skull Car


A racing game!

  • Eight courses!
  • Scrolling!
  • Several game modes! Compete against nobody, a computer player or even another human player thanks to the innovative split-screen technology!

The catch is that there are several bugs, and they can't be fixed because the source files are lost, unfortunately. But the game did not deserve being discarded just like that, so here you go.

Author: Marcus Bäumer



Download Skull Car Beta 1.0 (1.87 MB, 2011-02-01)


Adventure War


The very first Skullbyte/Malign Black game ever: You are a soldier at war and try to escape.

This is a rather simple game where you basically explore the land and … well, that's it. Originally a pure text game, we made a new version with easy mouse control. Due to its small size, we have put it up as a browser game for the time being (still Windows-only, though).

Author: Michael Topp; reprogramming by Michael Hoffmann



Vitalize! Adventure War 2.0 Vitalize! (48 KB, 2009-04-21)


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